A Decent Introduction


Hello! My name is Yong. I am a ninth grader who has just transferred from Pride ISM. I was born on the 13th of January, 2004 and ended up with the most annoying younger brother in the world. But it’s okay.

I was told that I resemble an owl. I love owls in general too. (So the upper pic is meeee!) I just need the sky and a cup of tea to be happy. I am a hyperactive and extroverted type, when you get to know me more.

One thing I show my enthusiasm for is traveling. I love extremely high places and oceans. One day I will travel the world spending all the money I earned to face new adventures. Traveling with my friends would be one of my bucket list items. Road trips are the best. I also did some volunteering while traveling with a charity group.

One of my strongest skills is in music. I like everything related to music. I love dancing and working hard by practicing the piano. It helps me release my stress. My passions for dancing and piano will last forever.

This is a brief introduction about myself.

I hope to have a wonderful time with all of you at Thalun ❤

“Don’t be trapped in someone else’s dream”


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