Hi Again

Hey guys! Welcome back to school from the summer! How was your summer? Mine was quite uneventful and boring. Well, I’ll be saying hello to new students this year!

My name is Junior and I love to joke around and have fun with people. I am STILL reigning as the youngest person among my classmates, even though we welcomed another new student into our merry class.

I am a cancer (horoscope-wise) since my birthday is in July. My favorite colors is blue, and it is my greatest desire to become an architect or a web designer in the future. And yes… I’ve said these things in my previous blog post. Have a nice year at Thalun!

My summer was quite uneventful since I had to study from the Burmese textbooks all the time. I needed to study word by word since you lose points on the actual test for just forgetting some words that aren’t important or necessary. I know… It’s boring.

My sister had a fun summer though… She qualified for LAB 2018 and got to go to Vietnam to present her project. She was there for a week and I was alone at home left at the mercy of my parents.

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