MY FABULOUS HOLI….sigh… Tiring Holiday.

Hello dear READERS! Welcome back to the returning students and welcome to the new students! My name is Ricky and I’m from Yangon. Hope y’all had a wonderful summer cuz mine was fun and exhausting.

Well it all started like this… When the summer began,  my mom at once decided that I should work! Yup. You read it, WORK!! I began my work and eventually two months were eaten up. During the second month however, my mom decided to get us something that Made My Summer! We were to get a new PUPPY!! YAYAYAYAY!! (<-inner child squeaking)

The puppy we got was a full Chin-Blooded dog. The money we paid will go the local orphanage so basically we’re actually doing a good thing. #DogForLife


Basically my summer was working, visiting, buying-puppies and shopping. Oh, I also made a few videos throughout the summer. I’m a YouTuber too! Anyway, I hope you guys had a blast this summer. If you’ve just enrolled here, welcome!  Have a great year!!

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