My First High School Year #tis22


Yet Still Smiling

High school is going pretty well so far. I was expecting something else but in reality it is different. The main difference is that now your grades count for your life. #sed. Good colleges require good grades. As you read along, please may I put my name into your brain? Ahahahahaha! Well for the old students, y’all obviously know my name because I was kinda in vogue last year lol. For new Students, you guys are more then welcome! You can call me”James,” but my legit full name is James Martin Peter.

Anyway, I was not a straight A student back in my middle school year. My grades were A’s and B’s. You could say I was more likely to have fun. During the summer I had this serious thought that high school is a major thing for me. I said to myself that it’s now or never. So I kicked myself up a notch to be more organized with my studying and to focus. It was like turning myself into a actual high school student in my freshman year.

Until now, high school is okay. It’s not as stressful as I had expected. Maybe it will be soon, but not yet. I had already made some great friends (pie). I am exited for upcoming days and events. Even though this is just a start, I already faced some drama and had a mental breakdown which affected both my personal life and my education. But I tried to be more low key and chill out in the face of stress so that helped me in one way.  I ain’t failing but still climbing ay!

“College is like a sharpener.

It forms a good future to write with,

so work for it.”

– JAmes Martin (Me)

A lil’ quick background about myself: As you know I love sports. I play basketball, soccer, swim, some table tennis and well, I love all kinds of sports.

Music is what I have been committed to. I can play guitar. I started when I was 10 and I can sing as well. My favorite singer is Shawn Mendes Ay! I beat box as well. I did beat boxing on stage last Christmas at school. I also like to travel and have some adventurous. One of my strengths that people say I have is that I am good at public speaking. I am confident in it too. I am happy to share my thoughts in front of a group of people. It’s a no brainer. After all, I am an extrovert!

One of the things that I do during my spare time is to play Rubik’s Cube. My highest score for finishing was around 31 seconds. #notbragging. Another skill is that I play guitar while I sing. It’s one of my ways to give an outlet. Sports help me with stress as well.

If I want something that I really care about, I never stop trying until I succeed. Thanks for being here. It’s still the start of high school. So far it is going well and I hope I can persist in being a good freshman.


#Freshman                                   #ballislife

#stilllearningtogrow                  #lovelife

#tis22                    #hardworkpaysoff                    #negativesthoughts_sucks



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