Unforgettable Seventh Grade

IMG_7907Memories…. memories of grade seven are as vivid as ever whenever I think about them.  These people were the ones that made seventh grade unforgettable. I now consider myself a lucky person to have friends that are this unique and special friends.

As time passes by, we became family more than friends. We shared our Blood, Sweat & Tears. ;D

“No. Not today! Today is not the day we part.” That’s what I thought on the last day of school. That was that, but what I’m going to talk about is not the wonderful hang-out we had but about the whole seventh grade…

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. How am I going write about 180 days in three paragraphs? Well… one thing I learned throughout  grade seven is to not judge a book by its cover. Tough saying, but so was grade seven.

Sadly, our friendship that I thought would last forever, didn’t. I could barely manage to realize that my friends left. They were also the ones that helped me get through seven grade.

When they left I woke up from reality .”Nothing lasts forever.”


This is the quote that I came up with for the seven graders.

Utopia? Nahhh when I am with them I am in Zootopia.











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