A Personal Infographic

It looks a bit too pink, doesn’t it?

I’ve noticed drastic changes in my taste in music, but I’ve never really gotten the chance to organize and really view all my interests in a clear, orderly way.  I saw the opportunity, then I took it. Below is an infographic that roughly covers my musical interests through a very minimal approach. Enjoy. 🙂

3d modeling.jpg

5 thoughts on “A Personal Infographic

  1. Hi Myat. I like this version. Nice color choices and layout. I’m glad you didn’t try to cram too much into this. Just be careful of some places where your text gets too close to the edges of its containing shape. Overall, well done.

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  2. akkjun10r says:

    Awesome infographic Myat! I like the way you match your pie chart’s color with the sidebar color. I like the title above the chart too! In fact… I like about… 100% of your infographic! Way to go!

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