Brain’s “Program”

My mind is occupied by…

My brain does plenty of tasks for me, and I’m grateful for that. However, it is somewhat disconcerting that my mind know my acts, my thoughts…….and my secrets!

I once doubted that my mind is manipulating me to do everything. Eventually, I learned to observe my brain and collect data in order to do proper research of my brain’s activities.

And this time, I can expose my brain’s secret by creating an infographic…..

I’m currently cooperating with my brain so it can improve its working system and develop more organizing strategies.


James Louis K. Stevenson (2)



6 thoughts on “Brain’s “Program”

  1. Hey Daniel… this version of your infographic has your strongest layout yet. Very humorous and interesting. Consider making the icons at the bottom a touch smaller to open up a little more negative space. The blessing at the bottom is great but may need just a slight wording change/edit to make it more clear. Overall, well done!

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