Cheat sheet that isn’t neat

Designing an infographic may not be as hard as you think, but finding ideas is as hard as finding a good title. (Like the one I just wrote…)

Now behold, below is a big picture filled with nothing but colors. It’s my cheat sheet!
(Thanks Ms. Kristen for helping me find a title!) If you want to know who I am or what I do at school or more about me personally, feel free to glimpse my infographic. Good luck!


Juan's Important Notes

Like what the heck… it’s horrible!

One thought on “Cheat sheet that isn’t neat

  1. Hey JC… This is not horrible. It’s an excellent start. You have your content and your color scheme. All you have to do is move some things away from the edges a little so they don’t bump, reduce text sizes a little to open up some negative space, and possibly left justify (instead of centering) your bullet list and it will be as nice as the picture you have in your head. Great start! Happy to help if you want to play with it further.


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