That’s My Way. #lityo

Yo! Guys, I had a lil’ fun with my infographic here. This is what I do during my weekdays and weekends. I hope you will find it fun!  So, as you know, my name is James… so it’s my way! Aye!

comes after (1).jpg

Well, as you can see up there, that’s actually a legit representation of how I go through weekdays.

I really love sports but I give more time for my homework because you know… 9th grade! It was mentioned in my latest blog post as well. Your grades count now!

Basketball is my thing, and I enjoy it as much as soccer!                                                          As you can see I spend 25% of my time for each because I actually do them equally.  In a way, they both help me to study and to refresh myself. I spend time at church as well so it’s all the same during weekend.

I hope you guys enjoy what you saw up there!


4 thoughts on “That’s My Way. #lityo

  1. Yo James! This really has been improving day by day. I love your color choices and the hierarchy you have going on with the different shades of orange/red in your text. In the future, I encourage you to experiment with negative space a bit more too. Keep it up.


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