How does Ricky Spend His Evenings? Well, It’s All Here!

Hello dear Readers, we meet again! Today I will be presenting my info-graphic of how I manage and spend my time after school. To be honest, these days we were picked up late so well, its not so accurate. (XD)




Mostly I either stay at school and play soccer or go swimming. Sometimes we go to our garden and check out how everything is going. Every since high school began, NO MORE GAME TIME! The studies are longer and more complicated. There you have it, why studies is the king. We also go out and have dinners like Pizza, Ramen, Salads..etc..

This is just something I often do throughout the week after school.


6 thoughts on “How does Ricky Spend His Evenings? Well, It’s All Here!

  1. Hi Ricky. I love how you presented the information here. The black and white is minimal but clean and professional-looking. I would maybe just adjust the spacing of the “studying” area a touch so it’s not too close to “what I mostly do.” Maybe reducing the size of the crown a touch would help with that. Otherwise, very strong.

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