Don’t Read

Hello people! If you are reading this then you have nothing better to do with your life. My name is Hazel and I was born in Florida, USA and moved to Yangon, Myanmar when I was 3 years old. While I was living in Yangon I used to go to a school called Yangon Academy with Charming and some other students from Thalun before I moved again. This time I moved to Vancouver, Canada to start grade 4. Then, for the last time I hope, I moved back to Yangon after grade 6 but this time I didn’t go back to YA. I came to Thalun because a lot of YA students and teachers were here.

If you are still reading this I am going to talk about the things I love. I am absolutely obsessed with K-pop, anime (because of Tomoe and his fabulous hair), and Webtoon. If anyone insults my beautiful K-pop, I WILL SMACK THEM. And by reading this you will know I am kinda violent but I am also a pretty happy person since I crush people with hugs and sometimes smile too much till my face starts hurting.

I have nothing more to talk about… But if you read this to the end CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have wasted a few minutes of your life:)



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