Soundscape Projects -Grades 7 & 8

Students were given the inspiration and freedom to create a project that utilizes only sound. They worked with or created original music, sound effects, voice-overs, and manufactured sounds. Soundscapes can be a narrative story that only uses sound, it can be abstract, it can be experimental, or it can be musical, or it can be a combination of all of these.

Simon (Sai) -Grade 7
“I used the app beat maker go. This is a subscription app which requires monthly payment.”
Listen to “Realization.”


Terrence and Tony -Grade 8
“Hey! it’s Terrence & Tony! We made this audio file through Audacity. There might be some echo because we recorded in a big room. We hope you enjoy!”
Listen to “Popo Incident”:

More student work this way…


Oattra and Charming -Grade 7
“I set out on producing this soundscape with the goal of presenting the importance of Week Without Walls in mind. Charming, my friend from the same grade, acted as my partner and only other team member in working on this assignment. From my experience last year at WWW, I greatly wanted others to join me in on another this year. Enjoy this short piece that we have worked hard on. Thank You”

Thora -Grade 8
“Yangon is a city full of traffic but I found a place with less traffic and wanted to record what it sounds like without the traffic. It’s peaceful quiet and very calming. This is a raw recording with decent quality sound. Enjoy.”


John, Matthew, and Wayan -Grade 7
“A low-budget movie trailer and commercial.”


Jessica, Thoon Thoon, and May -Grade 7
“Our team was TT, May and Jess. Our sound scrape is suppose to be weird, crazy and funny.”


JC -Grade 8
“The start of something new because an earlier version got corrupted.”


Wah So -Grade 8
“The beginning of a horror soundtrack.”


Nina -Grade 8
“Original Music Compositions”


Augustin and Neal -Grade 7


Mark -Grade 8
“This song is like a simple chill type song and it’s good to listen to. So I made this with Bandlab which is an easy online software program for beginners like me. And by the way, thank you John, for helping me with this. Hope you guys will enjoy this ‘Beginning’…”


Swe Yee -Grade 8
Coming Soon

Lin -Grade 7
Coming Soon

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