Soundscape Projects -Grades 10 and 11

Students were given the inspiration and freedom to create a project that utilizes only sound. They worked with or created original music, sound effects, voice-overs, and manufactured sounds. Soundscapes can be a narrative story that only uses sound, it can be abstract, it can be experimental, or it can be musical, or it can be a combination of all of these.

John -Grade 11
“I used two free software programs: LMMS and Bandlab. I did not use any other resources, apart from these.”
Listen to “Over the Shrine”:

Zayda Rose -Grade 10
“I used this for background music: Tomorrow by Benjamin Tissot (BenSound)”
Listen to “Shooting”:


More student work this way…

Mary -Grade 11
“Name: how did we end up so far away from the stars?
Basic Info: I made this using a noob, but creative program called Bandlab. My audio is a type of chill music called lofi music but this would technically fall into the neo soul category with hints of lofi, I guess. Lofi stands for low fidelity, and it offends me a little bit. Although it may sound simple at times with random sounds that may sound like they don’t belong there, I feel like it has a story to tell. My intention is to tell a story without using obvious sound effects like in a podcast where everything they do is talk. I think that’s why I like lofi music; the sounds take you to a whole new world. The most important thing for the audience is to be very relaxed and enjoy the aesthetic.”


Hailey -Grade 11
“This is about cooking tteokbokki. I’ve used sound effects from “free sounds.”


Anjela Rose -Grade 10
“I used Cute Cut Pro to make the sound, which is actually a video editing program. I took a majority of the sounds from Flash Kit, which was on the list of sources given to us.


Edward -Grade 10
“‘Stay’ is a calm, punchy, future bass track. I used FL Studio for mixing and I hope you all enjoy it.”
“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” ~ Albert Einstein


Sabrina -Grade 10
“It is 1 minute and 14 seconds long. Sources: sad lofi piano from Sample Focus, Standard License: Royalty Free. Sound effects of subway train ride, hallway crowd (people talking) are from PacDV free sound effects. The ‘sigh’ is from Freesound. Beat is originally made by myself from the app DPM.”
Listen to “Weary”:


Anne Marie -Grade 10
“A soundscape project that portrays a murder scene that is made fully by using royalty free sounds from and Audacity to edit them.”


Eimi -Grade 10
“A Japanese school library environment”


Jonathan -Grade 11
“I mainly used royalty free music except for utensil and door sounds. I used Filmora Wondershare to mix the sound effects.
Listen to “Noon Cafe”:


Kim -Grade 10
“A library ambient sound environment”


Tina -Grade 10
Coming Soon


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