PowToon Animations -Grade 9

Students planned and created an original Powtoon from scratch. The goal was to utilize sound in an intelligent way.
Their options were: A.) Make a “How To” Video With Voice-over. *Teach us how to do something or educate us on something.  B.) Make a Music Video for Original Music or a Soundscape YOU Created C.) Take Your Recent Soundscape Project and Add the Visuals.

Yong -Grade 9

This is a short antiphonal poem that Angeline, Daniel , Shin Thant and I made. Enjoy it !

Myat -Grade 9

“I’ve always been fond of shooting visuals and aesthetics, then later editing them. Adding them together with a soothing audio makes it even more pleasing for me. I thought out these clips for a long time, and I tried my best in making everything connect smoothly. I used Final Cut Pro (the usual) to make this, and the piano music is a snippet from Clair De Lune by Claude Debussy.”

More student work this way…

Angeline -Grade 9

“I believe all of you will relate to this animation, because the sounds and the visuals in the animation shows a person (me) going home from a very tiring day. I personally recorded the sounds in the animation first, then a friend of mine helped me record the visuals. Thank you for your time.”

Daniel -Grade 9

“Natural Orchestra, where nature gathers a group of singers into one big orchestra. This animation includes the fundamentals of nature: birds, crickets, frogs, breeze, etc. The visuals are considered as calm and playful as the soundscape behind the background.”

Andrew -Grade 9

“Bazzi – Alone (Lyrics Video)”

Shinn Thant. -Grade 9

“This is a lyric video of a very popular song by Alan Walker called Alone.”

Sai -Grade 9

“I have created a song called Acoustiville for my ICT class. This is an acoustic, upbeat song with a touch of amateurness! Thank you guys for watching and stay tuned!”

AKK JR. -Grade 9

“Hey guys! This is a short Powtoon music video I created for my soundscape ‘Neptune Tide’. I hope you guys enjoy!”


James -Grade 9

“Hey guys! This is a short Powtoon music video I created for my soundscape ‘Neptune Tide’. I hope you guys enjoy!”

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