PowToon Animations -Grade 7

Students planned and created an original PowToon from scratch. The goal was to utilize sound in an intelligent way.
Their options were: A.) Make a “How To” Video With Voice-over. *Teach us how to do something or educate us on something.  B.) Make a Music Video for Original Music or a Soundscape YOU Created C.) Take Your Recent Soundscape Project and Add the Visuals.

OK -Grade 7

“My Exotropia”

Charming -Grade 7

“Story time!”

More student work this way…

Jessica -Grade 7


Augustin -Grade 7


John -Grade 7


Hazel -Grade 7


Wai Yan -Grade 7

“Amazing Thanks That Happen Every Day”

Baby -Grade 7

“Story Time”

Thoon Thoon -Grade 7

ICT Project”

Simon -Grade 7

Coming Soon

May -Grade 7

Coming Soon

Neal -Grade 7

Coming Soon

Lin -Grade 7

Coming Soon

Matthew -Grade 7

Coming Soon

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