PowToon Animations -Grades 10 & 11

Students planned and created an original PowToon from scratch. The goal was to utilize sound in an intelligent way.
Their options were: A.) Make a “How To” Video With Voice-over. *Teach us how to do something or educate us on something.  B.) Make a Music Video for Original Music or a Soundscape YOU Created C.) Take Your Recent Soundscape Project and Add the Visuals.

Mary -Grade 11

“For this project, I wanted to create a mixed-media type of video so I used two mobile apps, royalty free audio and visuals, my own photographs and audio, and hand-drawn sketches. I used Pics Art and Line Camera to sketch the visuals while the audio was recorded raw in a bathroom. Then, I used Wondershare Filmora to add the lyrics and sync the visuals with the audio. I hope it made you feel something (this is 9 hours of patience). :’)”

Hailey -Grade 11

This is an animation about myself. I used video show, PowToon, and some royalty free music found in PowToon. I sketched each of the pictures and recorded my own voice too!”

More student work this way…

John -Grade 11

“I made the animations on a free mobile software called Picsart Animator. I spent some time procrastinating, thinking it’d be easy to use a mobile application, but I was wrong about it. It took me 4 hours to animate 40 seconds.”

Sabrina -Grade 10

“Irrawaddy Dolphins is a short footage/animation about Irrawaddy Dolphins in Mandalay, Myanmar. The footage was originally taken from my phone camera but I was intrigued with the idea of an animation with a shaky footage as a background. I used loyalty free samples from Looperman to create this soundtrack in Audacity. I hope you enjoy the video!”

Jonathan -Grade 11

“This video briefly gives a biography of Aung San Suu Kyi and the issues Myanmar is currently facing. All photos, videos, and audio were from royalty free sources – pexels.com. Some pictures, like the pictures of Aung San Suu Kyi, were edited. — Created using Powtoon”

Zayda -Grade 10

Watch “Nature.”

Anne Marie -Grade 10

“This animation is made fully by PowToon using One Ok Rock’s new song from their Eye Of The Storm album, Worst In Me.
Enjoy :)))”

Anjela -Grade 10

“Over the past few weeks, I’ve been entertaining myself by balancing random things on my head, things like milk tea, candles, and coffee cups. I’d like to say I’ve mastered this talent of mine, to the point where I’m completely comfortable with something balanced on my head. So, while I procrastinated this animation and debated what to do, I came up with the idea of making a tutorial with small humor, since you can’t really use tutorials for balancing things on your head. There’s no sound, since I had a sore throat last week, rendering me voice-less. I also used a spy template, since I have also recently been into spies.”

Kim -Grade 10

“How to Ask a Coworker on a Date”

Eimi -Grade 10


Edward -Grade 10


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