Complex Understandings

For third trimester in my ICT class, there are a lot of things I would love to learn about. However…the ones that I would love to learn most is about coding and programming. Coding and programming seems to be very complex; therefore it makes me feel like there is more to it than just complicated numbers with letters. As a person that easily gets distracted, I believe that coding and programming can capture my interest and all my attention.

Coding and programming are usually used as synonyms, but there are differences between them. Coding is part of programming but programming is a broad word in the language of computer. Coding is just writing codes in different languages as required by the machines, and also sometimes translating the codes to meet the requirements of the machine. While coding, coders are basically given the “source code,” which is a set of instructions for the code.

Writing code is just one part of the software, but programming is for the whole software to process well without any mistakes. It is just as manipulating data from different sources (includes coding); to analyze the data, and if it would cause a problem or not, if so, to come up with possible solutions. Even a negligible conflict can damage the codes and the layout of the perfect programming.

With these complications and my personality, I think understanding and learning how to code and program seems to fit me. In addition, I truly am interested in understanding these concepts.

To Understand Furthermore for Coding and Programming Click This

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