Mark Is In a Drawing!


Hey guys! This is my digital illustration (see above) which is drawn by me using GIMP. GIMP is not the easiest program to draw in but it can make a good quality drawing if you do it carefully. Well… this drawing is not too good but not too bad either. I spent a lot of hours doing this, because this drawing was finished and I forgot to save and I had to start the whole thing from the beginning. I would like to tell you something. If you want to try GIMP, don’t forget to save your drawing before you leave GIMP!

So this picture I used as a guide was taken by my brother while I talking to my mom and is is real snapshot. Lol. I chose this picture because it is a little bit difficult to draw but I like to be adventurous. So I drew using that picture as a guide and I am really satisfied with it. By the way you might notice the background is pretty simple but nice because I chose a not too bright color which made my drawing look better.

I would like to make a lot of digital drawings in the future and I love drawing things on a computer which is connected to my dream job in architecture. So this is my class work in ICT so far. I would like to thank you all for coming to my blog post. Bye! See you again next blog post!

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