Blog *random ranting included*

yong ict_n

*a drawing with dislocated nose and mouth because I don’t know how to draw them :(*

Although high school is tiring and so energy-consuming, it would be better for me to not do anything and just lie down on my bed (which is never going to happen.) So I had to choose one. I enjoy creating and making aesthetic edits, either as a video or a photo. Making those edits somehow intrigue me as I am a movie/visual person. Creating stuff that can make people experience enjoyment by just watching it might be one of the coolest things. I would like to make more projects like short films and short edits of our own choices. Or edits on photos of our own pictures. And group projects would be fun too!

And my life! UGH nothing special, high school is just hard. Grades are down. Parents expect good grades and many more things. I am exhausted and sleepy. My dark circles are getting relatively darker. Just want to disappear… haha but this is life so… if you see this, you are done reading my stupid rant. DAN DAN DDAN thank youuuuu ❤  love you all.

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