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The picture above, illustrated with not-really-blood color is a 9th-grader—Daniel Kingston. People who are aware of my characteristics would know that I’m well known for my tales of withering away other object’s ability to survive. That’s not necessarily true! However, I certainly take care of my ”victim” and treat them as best as I can. At this point, don’t get creeped out because those kinds of circumstances are limited in the range of Grade-9. Unfortunately, the title has faded away but only hints of a shadow have been engraved in everyone’s mind. So I got myself a new anonymous—hedgehog…. along with my fellow classmates who also converted into hedgehogs one by one. But I will influence more people so that everybody will know how adorable a hedgehog is.

My introduction is being introduced in the last paragraph. Now… I’ll tell you what I will be studying and I hope I can get something similar to my studying from ICT class . It is called programming and coding, but to make it an even more complex subject—computer science. Well, I’m not expecting an actual lesson but I wish there will be some projects  similar to that in ICT class.

The reason why computer science attracts my interest is because AI technology and complex coding mechanics are interesting…. and I want to learn about it so I could improve technological events in Myanmar. I expect myself to help people in this country on behalf of Myanmar. Well, I think it is just a simple goal but as generations and generations develop, people have to take actions….seriously.

Well, I introduce myself and I tell you about a bunch of irrelevant stuff. But it is fine as long as you learn something from me and hed9hogs….

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