The Friend Since Childhood

December 1st, 2018, 12:30…. (PS: Cherry don’t read this. You’ll hate me… )

Dear Cherry,

9 years ago I met this girl and became instant friends with her. But after several weeks being the indecisive and weird kid I still am, I wasn’t close with her anymore. We didn’t fight or anything. We were children and we just found a new toy to play with.

Up until grade 6 (year 7) I moved schools and willingly admit that I’ve never enjoyed school like I do at Thalun. I was eager to brag about my school to my old friends but I never did it.  Later on, as part of student council work, I promoted the school’s fun fair and reached out to my friends. She was the first to reply.

She instantly fell in love with the school and considered moving to Thalun. I can’t be more happy that she did. We are reunited and I’m loving it. (For now! – Just kidding!)

Well, I don’t really do sweet and cringey stuff like this but honestly, I’ve come to realize that although it’s been only 3 years with my family in Thalun, they mean the world to me; the staff, teachers,  friends… especially my grade 8. We’ve been through a lot and are still going through a lot… from different people arriving, attending the last year of middle school, and preparing to enter high school.

I know it’s been a long post bragging about my friends but lastly, the main reason I chose to illustrate Cherry is because  I lost my first illustration and chose a picture that’s most recent in my gallery.  So basically this illustration is dedicated to my friend since childhood. Cherry. I hope you like it. 

( not so sweet and cringey after all)

Thanks for reading this. I probably click baited you with the “don’t hate me Cherry” part. Hehe. Anyways, since I’ve started appreciating my friends, I might as well continue the thread. Get ready for my upcoming blog posts! They will be about me or my favorite people… probably the latter.

Byeee, have a beautiful day!

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