To the Third Trimester and Beyond


So here’s a little bit about myself. I’m Wai Yan Win Aung, I’m 13 years old, and I attend Thalun International School. Currently I’m in 7th grade. I live in Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar. I have a younger sister who is in 5th grade. I enjoy reading, playing games and watching movies in my free time. My favorite subjects at school are Science and Social Studies.

That’s a brief description of who I am, and what I like to do. I have two whole blog posts that are dedicated to introducing myself and who I am. As second trimester comes to a close and the third trimester kicks off, I have a lot I want to do the ICT. Probably because I enjoy this subject a lot. I want to explore coding. It’s a topic I’ve touched on before, and I’d like to do more of it. Perhaps we can program simple games or animations. Speaking about animation, I’d also like to dive into that a lot more. This time, not just simple Powtoon or stop motion but with moving illustrations and even 3d models. Speaking about 3d models, I also want to use the 3d printer as well. The short answer is that I want to learn a lot of things in ICT, and I look forward to whatever will come for the remainder of 7th grade.

This photo was a picture of me presenting my project during the Learning Across Borders Program. It was an international competition that Thalun went to last year. I also attempted to draw a city skyline as well, but it just didn’t look quite nice, and it was a bit incomplete. It took me from 4pm to 8pm (probably because I was taking a lot of “breaks”). I think it was worth it. I used another program to add in the pencil shading lines just for dramatic effect.

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