What’s Ahead of Me

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Allow me to introduce myself one more time. My name is Junior You could say I’m one of those common fourteen year-old teenagers, but in reality, my life is as fast-paced as a car on a speedway. Why? I’m a student of two schools. Imagine confronting people with a false identity in one of them (I’m not talking about TIS) and acting like an entirely different person. I’ve been doing this nearly my whole life and I guess I’m used to it by now.

In reality, I’m a guy who likes to have fun around people whether my jokes are funny or not (people just laugh at how stupid they are) and I’m also a guy who likes to see people around me smile. I’m still reigning (after 3 years in Thalun) as the youngest person in my class (although I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or not). I have a younger sister who is currently in 7th grade. For more details about me, go visit my first blog post.

This blog post is about me and also about what I want to learn in ICT class in the future. Coding has always intrigued me and I’ve never really tried it. All the codes seem like an alien language to me and I want to learn how to decipher it. I would also like to learn video editing and animation in the future since my classmates told me that it is very enjoyable.



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