Godzilla and Other Mythical Creatures

IMG_20190302_200544 (2)

My illustration is done in Adobe Draw. So, you may not know that I like King Kong, Godzilla, and whatnot. So you could say I like mystical creatures. When I was young I always thought of drawing a professional digital image of what I liked. Now that dream has come true. It makes sense, right?

I always draw these on paper with pencil and I have to admit that digital art is easier. It is just tracing and I am proud of my drawing. Here are some extra credit pictures.

pixil-frame-0 (15)IMG_20190305_131732 (1)

One thought on “Godzilla and Other Mythical Creatures

  1. Beautiful drawings John. How did you get the transparent background to show up like that? Usually it just defaults to white when you put them online. Are those screenshots of your drawing area in Adobe Draw? Intrigued…


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