I’m Back…

“The wolf on the hill is never as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill”

I just found that quote on the Internet and I realized that those were the very words that my parents made me understand most of my life. Although, I don’t intend to be the wolf on the hill. More like the wolf who decides, once reaching an acceptable height, to settle down and live at that part of the hill, where I don’t have to tire myself further by climbing. I guess I should but I already know that I can never live up to the high expectations placed upon me. This is May, a seventh grader at TIS without any talents (not that you didn’t know that).

Disciplined family. Hard studying… And a tad bit of lazing around sums my life up. Well, instead of that, what CAN I do? Answer: nothing. My life is constantly changing because of this.

I try to learn new things and be finally good at them but when the skill gets harder, I quit. That is the reason why I have moved on from swimming, piano, recorder, violin, etc. believing that I’m not that good technologically either, and I am thinking guitar….soon, very soon. But I do enjoy reading. It’s almost about the only thing I enjoy, because a) stories intrigue me and b) I can actually exit my colorless life, if you understand what I mean.

So there you have it. If you made it until the end of this blog post, well, I am impressed because I am well aware that my blog post was boring and cheesy (much to my dismay), and I expected you to even skip my blog post. I’m now showering you with praise because you just became the most patient person in the world.

One thought on “I’m Back…

  1. Hi May. I love your digital illustration. It’s so moody and atmospheric, much like your blog post. I think you have more talent than you currently believe. Keep reading, writing, and drawing stories. It sounds like storytelling (and reading/writing/drawing stories) is going to make the cut as you continue to explore your interests and talents.


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