Its Me Again…

So…. hi, again. Its me Augustin. So its now the third trimester of the year. Its now 2019 so… Happy New Year. I say this but its already March… Well I’m still in 7th grade.

For this trimester’s ICT classes I would like to do more animation and group projects.

For this blog post I drew a picture of an anime girl. Also since there are some people that would call me this in comments, I will say this in advance. I am NOT a lolicon. This was the only drawing I could draw without ruining the face and hair.


One thought on “Its Me Again…

  1. Nice work Augustin. Next time please use your own photo or a royalty-free image so you don’t have to worry about copyright law. You could credit the artist who invented the character in your post though. Great colors. Nice experimentation with different apps.


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