Hey,  I drew a sail boat. Pretty obvious right? But can you guess what type it is? It’s an Optimist! I have been sailing this little boat since 2016, so if you need any help  I could help you. IF I am not working on my homework or practicing math.

I have been to Hoi An, in Vietnam and Ngwe Saung, In Myanmar.  I have been to Singapore to sail, but the Sailing Club was closed. I would like to travel all around the world to sail. Not just sail, but also to play all kinds of sports. 😶

In computer class I would like to do some more photo editing, and possibly animate cartoons. If I were able to do something impossible, (for a 7th grader) it would be making a movie with the entire class. We would open up to each other so much more. I would really like to do a movie.

Extra Credit?


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