New Chapters

∼ Remember the sensation of the chilly breeze, brushing against the exposed skin. The sweet taste of the warm tea. The overwhelming flood of underwhelming colors in the somber sky.

Inspired by 오카나와 Okinawa ∼  92914 

Okay… yeah. That’s the end of that.

The image featured above is a digital recreation, a not very good one, of a photo I took on the third day of Week Without Walls trip. This year it was to Mandalay.

Image Taken By OattraK

This is the image it’s based on. ^

The people who were too lazy to wake up, ya’ll missed out man. It was such an amazing view, and dude… the food, the tea, it was so guuuddd. Yes, the misspelling was intentional.

I used the free image editor Gimp. I primarily used the Airbrush tool to create that watercolor style, but of course, starting off with rough outlines drawn with the Paintbrush tool. While coloring it in using the Airbrush tool, I kept changing the size and opacity of the brush. It took several hours, split throughout different days, and A LOT of patience. Plus a few sleepless nights.

Now I understand why my mom says I’ve been focusing on subjects other than Math WAY too much. 

A new chapter in this school year passes. In the coming trimester, I want to focus on digital animation and editing. Drawing images digitally and producing short animations from them. As well as recording sounds and voiceovers to improve the quality of the animations.

It’s 9 pm right now, I should go to work on my other homework.


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