Clearer Days…

Isn’t it nice to feel free?

Finally, sleepless nights dedicated to frantically studying for exams are over. I can finally get the recommended amount of sleep all the health experts advise.

Finally, restless days filled with meetings and discussions for school events are done. I can finally finish my lunch during lunch time.

Finally, after being stretched thin almost to the point of snapping in two, I am free. As you can see, I wanted to portray this feeling in my digital illustration.

I completed this digital illustration with “Artflow”, a free app on android. It took a total of 3 hours to accomplish this illustration and it would’ve taken fewer hours if it wasn’t my first time using the app. However, the functions of the app were easy to learn. The purpose for having the shirt transparent is to portray two things: being free and impressions.

After ruthless days of working, I feel much more free. Therefore, I had my shirt transparent and the window clear to show the clarity I now have in my life. Additionally, I chose to go with this design to show how some people think they can see through you when, in reality, they can’t. I chose to darken the surrounding edges of the illustration to add a degree of seriousness into the illustration.

As much as I’d like to avoid tiresome times, I understand that they are inevitable in life. Thus, I’ll be doing what I can to be one step ahead. I am ready.

One thought on “Clearer Days…

  1. Well done Jonathan! I love your attention to detail, color choices, line work, and that you experimented by making the shirt transparent. Careful… you might be turning into an artist. 🙂


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