Digital Illustrations

As someone who doesn’t really do art, this project, at first, was an obstacle for me to overcome. Firstly, I never really liked drawing, nor did I excel in it. Second of all, I hated doing digital art, since I found it really hard to draw on paper, so what was the difference between paper and a screen? Apparently, a lot.

Tracing, for one, was easier. All you had to do was add an image, create a new layer, and start tracing! Of course, this made tracing fun, well, for me at least. It meant that any mistakes I made could easily be erased, without a trace. No smudges, no left over lines, nothing!

Coloring was also easy. Other than picking out the color (hello, person who hates picking out colors here!), it was easy to just create a blob of color on the screen and erase it, following the line art I had previously done.

The next obstacle I had to overcome was which app to use. I started off with Adobe Draw, but, for some reason, the eyedropper wasn’t working. Eyedroppers save me from having to handpick the color, so the app was, unfortunately, uninstalled. It’s still on my phone, but I just won’t be using it as much, since it is fun to use. The next app I tried was suggested to me by my friends who did digital art for fun. Medibang, an app that isn’t that hard to figure out. It had a working eyedropper and a million brushes to choose from once  you signed in.

So with my app downloaded and my picture chosen, I set off to attempt to ‘draw’ it. By ‘draw,’ I mean trace and color in. However, making one wasn’t enough. Since I ended up having fun, I made another one. Then, the day before the entire thing was due, I got bored so I made another one. I guess, in the end, this project became something I could do in my free time.

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The first one was of a selfie I took after the Valentines Dance, and I did get lazy with the design of my clothes. If you saw me there, you might remember that it had a leaf design. The second was taken because I needed opinions on what to wear for Formal Day, though I did change the colors of it. I ended up going with the other one. The last is me, with milk tea on my head, traced straight from an actual picture that I won’t post here because I looked weird in it. Why do I have milk tea on my head? The world may never know.

One thought on “Digital Illustrations

  1. Hi Anjela. I just LOVE these. I’m so glad you found the technique to be fun and even made more than one drawing. You’ll always get the best work when you make lots instead of fussing over one “perfect” image. Well done! I hope you’ll consider making more in the future, even just for you.


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