Illustration of Me

프로젝트 - Drawing 21773779182

Thanks to Ms.Kristen and her class, a person like me, who had no talent nor interest in computer technology, got a chance to try things that I would’ve never done outside this class. Especially for animation, I was initially dumbfounded and lost when she required each of us to create our own.

Animation has always been an amazement toward me. In other words, I couldn’t approach it as something that I could make by myself. To make matters even worse, its deadline was simultaneous with the end of the second trimester, thus, I was already drowning from miscellaneous work given by different classes. However, I tried my best to finish it. I drew each of the pictures and recorded my own voice, while I told myself that since I was not a professional, I will have to try everything I could. (This is getting longer than I’ve expected so I’ll quickly end this.)

For the third trimester, I would like to learn how to photoshop pictures. I would be happy if we cover each details and steps. Since photoshop is both attractive and utilitarian, I am willing to use it widely after learning it.

Oh, and a quick update for what I’m up to right now: I’m taking two AP tests in two months, but honestly, I’m not ready for both of them. And my current SAT tuition has doubled my burdens. My interior is filled with worries, doubts, and stress for my future. I still can’t believe that I have reached that age to think about my college (I’ve always thought that it was a distant future). Yeah, so that’s me right now and I guess there’s not much difference to be found from all the other highschoolers out there. But I know this is an inevitable path where no circumvention is allowed. Later when I’ve grown much older than I am right now, and look back the time I had when I was a seventeen year old girl with her noticeable dark circles and messy hair holding her Pre-Calculus book, somehow, I might miss that time. Although my junior year may seem hectic, tiresome or even boring, I will never forget that this is still made out of the inestimable moments of my life that will never return back.

One thought on “Illustration of Me

  1. Hi Hailey. Great illustration. It has a very painterly, “brushy,” and free/laid back quality. Maybe you don’t feel so laid back with all the tests and homework, but it is coming through in your work. Maybe it’s more of a future image of you after you successfully complete Grade 11. Keep it up!


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