mauve & maudlin


“Maybe if I look close enough, the stars will welcome me home.”

Hi, it’s Mary here.

I’m bad at introductions so honestly, I don’t know what to write. Uh…

We were assigned to draw digital illustrations that represent who we are. In my opinion, I don’t think a visual creation can represent who I am because I think I do better in expressing myself through words. But most people are too lazy to read, aren’t they? So, even though I suck, I tried to draw something.

The idea of the color theme and visuals came from a song that I recently wrote, called Yours Truly. Apparently, the judges thought it was nice if I got to record it so hopefully when it comes out, maybe you can see some resemblance between my lyrics and the illustration. I emphasized both of my works mostly on the π’‚π’†π’”π’•π’‰π’†π’•π’Šπ’„ nature of the stars and the sky. I also decided not to turn the picture 100% into an illustration because I wanted to maintain the realism of the moment and was intrigued by the idea of mixed media.

Originally, I intended to draw a childhood picture of John and I, but the illustration got deleted from a system crash. Yeah, all my effort and time wasted in a split second… just like that. And this is the result of my improvisation ? I hope it’s not too bad.

In the upcoming 3rd trimester, I would like to learn more about video editing and sound production. It would be interesting to know how artists make their voices sound flawless in the studio. And how the video editors sync audio and visuals in a very accurate timing… that would be cool to learn.

aNywAYs, thanks for reading. (β‰–α΄—β‰–βœΏ)

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