shades of colors

“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.” -John Lennon

Drawing art, is something I’m not really capable of doing, but defining art, is something
that’s more powerful than that.



Digital art, a work of drawing online, or on a program, is something I’m capable of doing, but would normally depend on my interests, or if I have confidence since I’m much more comfortable creating edits on images, videos, and more.

Anyway, I’m here to showcase my artwork, made from the program “fireAlpaca” I named my art “Shadows” not only because it uses only shades, but if you look closely, you can see shadows behind the figure. ( You can even see dust particles on the lights! )
The smudges on the figure were inspired by graffiti, some people found it as disturbing, but others find deeper meanings, and that’s what made me add to the hat. ( The black tears are a reference to a song as well )

My life had started to begin feeling more connected to my mind, like deep thoughts, but that doesn’t stop me from living a happy life though, since it’s only the start of a new and great chapter I call, epiphany.

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