10 Mins of Sketching Around

The title says it all. Yes, I’m in panic mode right now, and yes, I am truly sorry to Thora and Cherry. Lol, I promise next time I wont take 10 minutes and actually make use of my time at home instead of drinking green tea and watching movies.

Yes, I am aware I am far from decent in this picture. I swear, I didn’t think I was ready for this. The reason I chose to edit this picture was because it was the first one in my gallery I found. I only used the last class to work on this project and it might not be the best! But um.. please scroll down, or look at Cherry’s or Thora’s faces 🙂

hAvE a gOod dAy ‘cauSE yOu dEserVe iT!

Credits: Oattra, for the ideas of designing and May, for the title. (They asked for it)

One thought on “10 Mins of Sketching Around

  1. For a few minutes of work, this is quite good. Nice play on color and drawn vs. photographed elements. I hope you will use the given time better for the next project. Overall strong.


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