A ‘colorless world’ doesn’t mean it’s not a happy world.

Jessica ICT project finale cf

‘Even though it’s colorless, we can see color’

When people think life is boring and not much is going on, there’s an expression that I’d use to describe it, ‘It’s colorless.’ It means not much is happening, and it’s sad. But guess what? Life is colorless, literally. Color is just a trick being played by our eyes and  the light. I can’t imagine what it would be like to not see color. I still don’t know how I’d describe color to someone who has never seen it before. Even though it’s an illusion, it’s a great illusion! It makes life feel happier. Life can be colorless at times, but there’s always  a way to see out of it. If life is sad and colorless, there will be someone that will help you. If you say that there isn’t, there’s got to be at least one person in this world who will help you up. My days are full of color because of that. They light up my day and fill in the gray spots with color.

This artwork that I made is me. Technically there is no color, but in my perspective, ‘It’s colorless’ can be a metaphor for someone feeling sad and not having someone to help them up when they feel sad. But that someone always comes. Obviously I am a very happy person because there are a lot of people who care about me. But not everyone is like that. My point is that ‘even though reality can be sad and hard sometimes, there’s going to be people who can paint the black and white picture into something beautiful.’

Even if you live in a colorless world, it doesn’t mean it’s not a happy world.

Written by,

Jessica Anne Glass

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