It’s all about the curves ๐Ÿ˜‰


As my free trial of Photoshop expired right after the last project, I switched to gimp. That is not at all, a reasonable excuse to stop creating another email and signing up for another trial; I encountered the “FOSS” philosophy, also known as “Free and open source software,” at a linux forum. It did not so sound convincing to switch over to gimp, but the fact still remains that there are people out there, developing ‘FOSS’ everyday for the good of everyone. Gimp is one of them: I did little research and was able to achieve these results.

The main functions that I used were the masking layers, opacity, curves, and adding custom color channels. Despite the confusing names, they were relatively straightforward. The ones with non-confusing names are the real complex tools; the paths tool and the curves. The paths for removing the figure out of a taken picture, and the curves to modify the the color channels.


In this photo, I prioritized on the curves and channels, rather than the perspective. I used two different royalty free backgrounds, and merged them with the photo I took.


Compared to the last picture, I tried to modify the the figure’s curve coordinates as similar to the background as possible; I do admit that Photoshop has the upper hand when it comes to non-destructive editing.


I intentionally adjusted the levels to different values, to experiment with the colors.

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