harry ICT for web

“Harry Edward Styles” , 1994. Taken straight out of a fanfiction. 

Hi, welcome to another episode of… “Mary’s intense fan-girling of Harry Styles while using too many pastel colors!”

For this project, I was very lost on trying to choose what I should do because I wanted to do a lot of stuff. But then, I remembered that I’ve never done fan art. So, of course, without a second thought, I created a fan art on the one and only…

Do I even have to say it?

First, I decided on a pink-and-purple based pastel color theme with some Polaroids to make it look aesthetic. For the media, I used royalty free pictures and vectors to add small, but important details. I also drew a few artistic elements and used my own pictures. Since it was very difficult to find royalty free pictures of celebrities, I asked one of my online friends’ permission to use the pictures she took at her concert.

Once I gathered my raw materials, I assembled them in a software called My twin brother recommended me to use it because I was “too dumb to use Gimp or Photoshop.” He’s only half-right though, because I used for its various artistic capability while simultaneously having a snappy and intuitive user interface. It’s similar to almost every digital imaging program ever, but simpler. (Don’t underestimate the simplicity—it took me around 4 to 5 hours!)

It took me quite a while to feel satisfied with my work because I kept changing things again and again. I learned that it wasn’t that easy to make fairy lights look nice with tiny little polariods. I also found out that drawing with a mouse is a thing I will never do again.

Overall, this was a fun experience for me because I learned how to combine drawings, pictures, and vectors in an appropriate way. Thanks, Ms.Kristen, for giving me chance to have lots of fun while learning!

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