Another Appreciation Post

This time it’s SWE YEEE ( you would be super confused if you didn’t see my last blog post. So please go check it out!!)

When Ms. Kristen announced our next assignment I started to wonder about how I’d be so frustrated about this. I’m not really an expert in photo editing but this project has made myself think what I’m actually capable of. Although, after asking Ms. Kristen for advice to make what I thought was the entirely finished project, I rushed through the last touches and finished the final result, being the so called *typical eight grader* in Thalun. She gave me some really good suggestions. ( The colorful clouds).

I used two programs for this project

  • The famous Picsart to create all the illustrations and designs ( Wings, clouds, neon spirals, etc.)
  • The underrated Snap speed to create the surreal black background with a color burst on Swe Yee.

Unfortunately I couldn’t use Gimp due to the annoying virus my laptop has developed. I also watched several tutorials on YouTube to create a project that would somewhat satisfy Ms. Kristen. ( I hope I did!)

Due to how much I rushed at the last minute I’m still a little insecure about uploading it, but it did take some weeks, layers, and effort. I’m open to suggestions. ( -Also compliments, mostly compliments!😉😋)

I’m glad it at least turned out to concentrate on the same type of energy and message I wanted to give when someone sees it. ( I hope)

If you’ve noticed I’ve been doing a thread of my closest friends lately and this time I decided to do Swe Yee because she has been with me for as long as I can remember.

Dear Swe Yee Wint,

It’s been 10 years with you since the start of school and I don’t want to take back anything. We stay together as if there’s no one stopping us and with no boundaries. I have a lot to say but you know me enough to telepathically understand them.

I’ve had so much fun with you and fun with so many good people around us. I can’t wait for what the future holds for us and can’t wait for the new memories we will create. As the project shows, I hope, when at times everything around you seems to be dark and negative, you will learn to fly to unknown heights with your own individual colors.

One day I promise if you don’t have the strength to get back up, I’ll be the wings to help you fly. (Cringe 🥴 but sincere though)

  • Here are the two comparisons of my image morph
  • The first image is the final result I rushed during the first 30 minutes in class.(Sorry Ms. Kristen 😅)
  • The second is the first edition of the project.
  • The third one projects more of your attention on my angelic friend, Swe Yee.

“Thanks for reading this blog. Hehe. Anyways, since I’ve started appreciating my friends, I might as well continue the thread. Get ready for my upcoming blog posts! They will be about me or my favorite people… probably the latter.”

-A continuous thread from last post

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