ICTFINAL final Hey guys. I am back with my digital edit on this combined picture of myself and a picture of a shoe logo (Kyrie Irving) on my shoe box. I had some problems at first with editing but it turned out decently! ( ALL RIGHTS TO ITS OWNER ) Nike company and Kyrie Ivring (THE LOGO DESIGN) Special thanks to Ms. Kristen! Hope y’all enjoy #peace THANK YOU SO MUCH SEE YOU NEXT TIME! (INFO FROM MY OLD BLOG POST FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO KNOW ME BETTER) – JAmes Martin (Me) A lil’ quick background about myself: As you know I love sports. I play basketball, soccer, swim, some table tennis and well, I love all kinds of sports. Music is what I have been committed to. I can play guitar. I started when I was 10 and I can sing as well. My favorite singer is Shawn Mendes Ay! I beat box as well. I did beat boxing on stage last Christmas at school. I also like to travel and have some adventurous. One of my strengths that people say I have is that I am good at public speaking. I am confident in it too. I am happy to share my thoughts in front of a group of people. It’s a no brainer. After all, I am an extrovert! For those who don’t know me yet! My full name is James Martin (Khant Khant Khine Kyaw) #ay #itslit

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