Hello, reader. Nowadays for our generation, we have a fashion genre called “hypebeast.” A hypebeast is a mostly a derogatory slang word for someone, usually a man, who follows trends in fashion, particularly street wear, for the purpose of making a social statement.

At first when being a hypebeast was a new thing it was just wearing expensive clothing (normaling in flea market you could buy them for 50 dollars at most but hypebeast people pays those clothing for 500 dollars, because clothing brand store combines vintage clothing and nowadays modernize style) in a weird way if you don’t even look good with it. Being hype was first discovered 2005 it was discovered by Kevin Ma. Kenvin Ma was a show blogger for sneakers as time pass his blog as got into clothing and was discovered by some celebrity (Justin bieber, Kanye West, Shia Saide LaBeouf, ect). In the early 2000s being a hypebeast was being a sneakerhead (wearing Jordans in the early 2000).

Five years later, Pharrell Williams  was the reigning king of style, and got people to draw themselves as Baby Milo characters and  put them on to all-over print hoodies and brands like OriginalFake and A Bathing Ape. Streetwear brands like Billionaire Boys Club (which Pharrell owned), being hype and weird in a good way was becoming popular and people were aware of those news because of Kevin Ma’s website. 2006, Japanese brands like BAPE, Kiks TYO, and Evisu denim began to captivate the minds and bodies of people who just wanted to dress as dope as possible and didn’t mind dropping serious amounts of cash to do so. Before Kid Cudi became famous, he worked at a Bape store in New York where he met Kanye West after failing to take off an anti-theft device from a jacket he purchased. Kanye West’s career was taking off at the time, and his sense of fashion was influenced a lot of people (after Kanye wore LRG dead hoodies, people started purchasing a lot of those hoodies. And you ask why “Cause Kanye wore it) so Louis Vuitton also wanted a piece of the action so they made a line of fashion featuring Kanye’s ideas like LV bag packs, Polo shirts (which he didn’t that much credit for).

During the year 2007 it was one of the important year of Streetwear because that was when skaters/hipsters were inspire to wear Vans, Stussy, Supra. For Skaters nowadays, Vans are like the essential item to skate but during 2007 Supra high top was one of the brands that was selling of the chart because of their creative idea for the high top even Kanye was wearing it. 2007 was also the year for Vans and Supreme brand. And for some random reason keffiyeh was also popular, maybe it was because Kanye was wearing it time to time throughout 2007.

Another 5 years later, 2012. This was the year when rapper stopped wearing gangster style and started wear high fashion end clothing and called them streetwear (Givenchy, En Noir, SSUR, Black Scale, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Balmain, Comme des Garcons, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace). This was the start of the rappers and celebrities influencing our generation to wear what we wear nowadays. And also the start of the Street Goth style.

Goth style really became popular in 2013 because of A$AP Rocky, he stared to influence people with his style but it didn’t last long because Kanye’s friend Virgil Abloh. Virgil is the creator of Off-White brand which is really popular to this day, it’s popular because the designer (Virgil) is a very creative person and every celebrity and models wears it, it’s on the same level as Louis Vuitton. So to this say all the brand that I mention is really popular for it’s hypeness, if you ever want to be hype just wear the brands that I’ve mentioned.

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