The Time All Students Fear

A Week Off – ICT Video Project– It’s that point in the trimester. 😦

It’s the time of cramming and stress and tests and little sleep. Usually, I have extreme methods of doing schoolwork, whether it be studying or doing a project. For instance, I would often try to meticulously finish an assignment in one go and pull an all-nighter. And if I don’t finish, I become tough on myself.

I need to break my habit of making unwholesome decisions for the sake of school.

When this ICT project was first announced, I couldn’t think of anything. If it were any other time, I could’ve instantly gotten a concept to go with. It wasn’t until a tiring Friday night when I wanted to take a day to go around the city.

Plus, I’ve always been the person to really take in my surroundings and appreciate it. Very cheesy, haha.

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