“Maze” you?

Hey guys! For my last ICT project in 9th grade, I decided to design and create a fashion magazine.

I got help from my friends to be the models for my fashion magazine and I, myself modeled in it as well. Next, I edited all the pictures in Gimp and learned to use Adobe InDesign to get the spreadsheets of the pages. I added captions for the pictures and several poems.

Using InDesign was quite a challenging experience since this is my first time. I made many mistakes, but I also learned a lot of stuff and got a chance to explore new things.

For this fashion magazine project, I would like to thank Andrew Htoo, Anne-Marie, Jonathan Shwe, Myat Thiri Htet, Ricky Sai Sai, Shinn Thant, and Yong for being part of this and helping me out.

Link to the magazine: maze magazine – ict

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