Unreal Game Development

The game I created is a simulation of how  a character is animated and is an introduction to Unreal Engine 4.

One of the most famous game developing software programs is Unreal Engine 4 which I’m using right now. It provides various types of user interfaces and displays that a developer can use. But the most common types are 3D and 2D, and I chose to create a 2D game. However, during the process of making the game, it is fortunate that the coding or the visual scripting blueprint is in Unreal Engine 4 and not as hard as trying to use a programming language such as C++.

I couldn’t fully develop the game but I made the character a functional and playable RPG in my game. But I have some screenshots that I would like to show you. Furthermore in the future: I will make the game fully developed.

Here I go with the experiments.

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