Sweet YET tOxiC ~

-If people are being mean to you,say ”No honey”.

There are good and bad days for each and one of us.Its worse when people don’t treat you nicely as how you  you treat them.The meaning of the skull is how we are,the honey stick is being stuck into the skull which is painful.That is how it feels when you’ve been treated unfairly and its really painful inside and out.The sunflower represents as you covering yourself from people to not notice you.The honey from the skull are tears.This is an article of what the meaning s behind these pictures.

Thanks for reading!.

One more note : Don’t BE blue…BE yellow.

One thought on “Sweet YET tOxiC ~

  1. Hi there to all of you, my name is Michael, and I just want to say to all of you that you are all talented in your field. Good luck to all at ICT. May you grow from strength to strength.


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