ICT Final Project

Hello, my name is Kim and this is my final ICT project. For our final ICT project, Ms. Kristin assigned us to develop and propose an independent project with options including: web design, graphic design, digital illustration, mixed media, a blog series, video, animation, interaction design, multimedia, and gaming.

Since I studied Photoshop from my last school and had an assignment on making magazines back in my last school, it wasn’t that hard for me to make magazines. As this is my final project for Ms. Kristin before she leaves, I tried to put a lot of effort into it. But, unfortunately, as you guys know; Thalun doesn’t give us time to rest. There were many more other assignments for us to do – music, math finals, memorizing a sonnet, and LAB. I didn’t have enough time for me to put much time into my ICT project.

As soon as I saw a magazine or a poster on Ms. Kristin idea list, the first thing that popped through my mind was to make a magazine or a poster about Jennie, my favorite idol, into my magazine that I created.

제니 포스터

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