Love is a Wild Thing

If you like chill songs, you’ll probably enjoy this (?)

Hi! I sang a song for you.

If I had to explain the processes it took me to make this video, I would say there were a lot. Firstly, I filmed all the footage in this video in a time span of two months (April and May). When I was filming the videos, I tried my best to match the content of the video to the lyrics.

For the audio, I recorded the song live in a bathroom because I love love love the acoustics! After that, I used Audacity to edit the background noise and added some reverb to my liking. My favorite part was assembling all the contents together because it forced me to widen my creativity and improve on my a e s t h e t h i c s. I decided to build the video to make the viewers feel the tranquil ambiance and understand the lyrics.

Well anyways, if you enjoyed it… thanks! If you didn’t… welp, I know it’s kinda boring.

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