Musical Apartments

This ICT project was dedicated to animating apartments dancing to music. It’s pretty weird.

Before I started this ICT project, I knew that I wanted to make an animation. Even though I have never animated with professional software, I still wanted to be able to tell a story through modern art. Thus, I began my journey of finding where to start. First, I tried to use Adobe Aftereffects. However, its functions were simply too complicated for me to comprehend. Next, I tried using the timeline function in Adobe Photoshop. Yet, the following YouTube tutorials didn’t work out. So finally, I had to settle for a simpler video editing software,

Initially, I had to draw the apartments in Adobe Photoshop. The reason I chose apartments was because I realized how I can make each window “blink” to a different note or sound. I drew inspiration from online sources.


Then, I had to create different versions of the picture with different windows emitting light.

4th 4.JPG

I had to save approximately 40 different pictures in one folder and import it into a video editing software. I then proceeded to sync them with my music. This music was inspired by a YouTube cartoon show called “Eddsworld.” To avoid directly “stealing” the music, I replayed it on my keyboard and recorded it with my phone.

All in all, I learned that it takes a lot of effort – hours, in fact – to produce just a short video. The next time I make an animation, I plan to be prepared to spend more time to create longer videos.

Link to video:

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