The End Is Come…..

THE END IS COME! OUR YEAR LONG JOURNEY OF MATH, SCIENCE, SOCIAL STUDIES,  ENGLISH, AND OTHER STUDIES ARE BLESSEDLY OVER………but it also means saying goodbye to our friends, the majority of which are to leave next year, in my class anyways. And…’s also time to present our last project for ICT. And so… you are, reading my blog post (which I very much doubt that you are, so you won’t be here to see this anyways so why do I bother saying this?)

So, for my final project, I decided to edit a whole bunch of pictures and make it into a photo collage (not my original plan, by the way, I was thinking to make a “video collage” instead). Here it is, enjoy yourself, or not, and just sit there (or stand, walk, run, whatever you were doing) and mentally judge me on my pictures. If you have made it this far into the post, I am proud, of myself and you (of myself for making just ONE other person not bored or be able to withstand the boredom, and of you for having such great tolerance).

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