When you try so hard…

I thought I was done. But it was the moment that everything started, again (Honestly, more like *It was at this moment, that John knew, he messed up*). While I was putting the frames that I drew using GIMP, into the animation software “Synfig Studio,” the plugin “GIMP to Synfig” failed to work correctly. As cautious as I am, I read through all the possible forums and documentations on that error code to solve it; I had no luck. I found one very vague and underutilized solution though, but writing and modifying your OWN scripts for GIMP in Python? I wouldn’t risk all the data on my entire laptop just for experimenting with a system file. So I sat down on my chair, wondering about nothing more. Just like that, for half an hour.

But who knew a plugin error would corrupt all files in that format? I later found out that plugins are like the “roots” of the software’s functions (As described by a GIMP forum member). So I came to a conclusion that mishaps happen. They just do. Enough of that depressing talk though, (although I still can’t get over this) I will switch to a vector imaging program called “Inkscape,” instead of other raster imaging programs such as GIMP. I will remake the files that I lost, possibly with a better result this following week 🙂

When I rethink about what happened, I gained more knowledge through this. Not exaggerating about the word “knowledge” here, but technical, design, and spiritual. When I came to school thinking that my whole life is over, Ms. Kristen told me that every animator faces these kinds of things. And that, it’s okay to start all over, even if it’s from step one. So I thought to myself, no matter how many times things like these happen, what’s not gonna change, is the fact that I am improving time after time.

Below are the only files that did not get corrupted by the error, as you can see. Haha *My lifeless brain imagining the character saying ‘It’ll be fine, don’t you worry!’*

More work coming soon

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