Click to Cringe….

Hey so here’s a project that cuts my thread. Actually it’s a video of us ( Swe Yee, Cherry, and Thora) trying to make a video animation with us in it! Although we planned to do an original music video with our own composition, unfortunately we ran out of time, instead it turned out to be more like a fan edit kind of concept, except we aren’t celebrities nor are we considered legit fans of the singer of the song we used. Just like the title, click to cringe, I mean it.

So you clicked to cringe.

In this project we had three members who were in charge of three different roles, Swe Yee, the concept and ideas provider, Cherry the video editor, Thora the director. Below are some explanations and opinions on why we chose this project and how we did it.

The reason why we chose to do a video project is because all three of us are interested in music and thought it would be nice if we had some sort of music original or special to us. Or that was what we thought. We originally was dedicated to follow that idea but later on we chose another type of concept, the project presented below.

Director (Thora)

I wanted the video angles to be either in front, down or up. There are only a few takes where the camera is at the side because it gives a certain perspective to the person in front. I made sure the lighting was appropriate and the appointed places as well.

Editor (Cherry)

Cherry was in charge of all the transitions and the color of the video. She made the video what it is and we’re so glad about the way it turned out and we hope you enjoy it too. Or not.

Concept and ideas (Swe Yee)

The theme and concept of the video and all of our acting were all Swe Yee’s ideas and without her we wouldn’t have had the outcome we have now. The theme she wanted was vintage and cute.

Now you must be wondering why there are two videos. It’s because after an conference with or work in progress we had some suggestions and thought it’d be nice to try them. And although this might look as if we didn’t put much effort in it because we just took videos of us acting, I guarantee that it’s much more than it looks. A lot of steps were made to have once second of animation. And there were a few minutes of them in the 1st video, the final result. I hope you enjoy.

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